STB-38CNC-3A Mandrel Tube Bending Machine

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1. Bend-arm (C-axis) by AC servomotor.
2. Clamp die by hydraulic; pressure die by hydraulic.
3. Carriage (Y-axis) by AC servomotor.
4. With rear booster driven by AC servomotor (optional).
5. Collets (B-axis): rotation by AC servomotor, grip by hydraulic.
6. Optional: with roll bending function (PUSH BENDING), can make big radius by rolling.
7. Automatic moving parts lubrication.
8. Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop and remote control.
9. Optional: Industrial PC (windows system) assorted with touch screen display, capable of 3D bending simulation, 3D preview, remote control (TeamViewer)
10. Optional: auto loading and unloading system.

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